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Default Re: What Is The Difference...and Why?

Originally Posted by williamhj View Post
People using Tenkara rods can and do use the same flies as most of us would use when targeting trout. There's no reason they can't. I think traditional Tenkara flies were developed in Japan by the Japanese using using tenkara rods. From what I've read, their purpose is to be easy to tie and entice strikes rather than imitate specific insects. The reverse hackle can create great action underwater and the flies can be dead drifted or pulsed, pulled, etc in the water. You can use tenkara flies on western fly rods and western flies on tenkara rods. If you want you can use a hook with a worm on either, it's up to you.
I think William was spot on. Very generally speaking, a number of people who fish with fixed length-line systems seem to rely more on presentation techniques that the method allows rather than exact imitation of the fly being fished.

Speaking for myself, I fish a very generic looking fly. I like a fly that I can fish dry, damp and wet, sometimes all on the same cast. I very rarely if ever switch patterns, I do constantly change presentation. My basic philosophy is to make the fly look like something alive.

But the bottom line is, it's all just fishing. Use whatever equipment and flies that you like and that you have confidence in. It all works

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