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Default Re: Targus Gary Borger light touch fly rod

I was just going by what they show as available on the website. However, keep in mind also that the 9x4 size they are still showing as available is in the Pro series, not the Light Touch series. I was talking about the 8x4 in the Light Touch series and the 9x9 in the Pro series. (In the Light Touch series, they are showing the 8x4, 8x5, and 8'6"x5 as still available.)

Contrary to your experience, though, I had asked them about the difference between their house GL-H2O (now renamed Signature H2O to avoid confusion with Loomis) and the Borger Pro models in 7 and 8 weights last year, and the guy I spoke with said the Borger rods were more durable than the house rods, not less. (The argument for the house rods was supposedly that they are more sensitive in those heavier weights.) Maybe one or both uf us got an ignorant or unscrupulous (or both) sales clerk on the phone who was only talking through his hat.

In any case, I do like my 8x4 Light Touch and 9x9 Pro, and Gary Borger himself told me he does too.
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