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Default Re: Targus Gary Borger light touch fly rod

Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
Moucheur, Does one or both of these Targus series of rods feature the Formica foil paint job similar to the previous Albright EXS rods ( but in bronze rather than green)? I have it on good authority that they are more-or-less the same rods from the same fine Korean rod shop as the discontinued Albrights which were very good rods. If so the 8 1/2'/#4 is an outstanding model in the Albright version as is the #5 and #8.

Mojo, for sure I would call them and thank them for the "good deal" they gave you but say, "frankly, it is not what I had in mind." Exchange it for the above #4 or 5 and you may be much happier. Incidentally, (speaking of the Albright version) these rods are a bit on the fragile side and not appropriate for sunk line or lead weight applications but they cast with crisp authority, accuracy and are very communicative.
I wouldn't call it bronze, more like brick red or crimson, but yes, the Pro series has a "foil" finish similar to the EXS. The Light Touch series is dark green and not as bright and shiny, similar to Winston. I looked at my Light Touch last night and didn't notice whether it has a foil finish (the light was dim), but if it does it is much more subtle and subdued. The EXS and Winston rods have nicer reel seats than the Borger ones.
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