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Default Re: Targus Gary Borger light touch fly rod

Originally Posted by silver creek View Post
During development of the 8.5 ft 5 wt Light Touch rods, Gary told me that it was the best 8.5 ft 5 wt rod he had ever casted.
Oh geez, I should have just kept my mouth shut and let this old thread sleep. Now I will have to go out and buy that one too.

Incidentally, Gary is now very high on the Hardy Zenith rods. While I was at the Marlboro show, I also spent some time talking to Jim Murphy, the former head of Albright, who was working the Hardy booth. Jim said the EXS's were an evolution of the older Redington Nano Quartz rods, but with less stiff, more forgiving tapers. Those two series were the first attempt to put "nano" technology into mass production in the flyrod business. He said that the problem with the EXS series and the reason it was eventually discontinued was that they hadn't yet perfected the technique of distributing the nano material evenly throughout the blank, so quality was difficult to control. That problem was overcome in the latest generation of rods using 3M's latest "nano" technology, including Hardy's Zenith and ProAxis as well as offerings from several other competitors (although of course Murphy says Hardy has solved the problem better than anyone else). I didn't know about the Borger/EXS connection then, or I would have asked about that too. If the Borger Pro rods were a middle step between the EXS and the Zenith, I can see why Gary would now be recommending the Zenith rods.
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