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Default Re: I value your opinion..please...

I would try to narrow down the choices by process of elimination.

I think your CT is a nice enough rod and already covers most of the situations for which a 3 would be better than a 4 -- and there aren't that many of them anyway. So I think expanding or upgrading your 3 wt portfolio is not really a very productive way to spend your money, unless the mere pride of ownership is worth it to you.

As for 4 weights, you mention that you already have some. What are they? How much do you enjoy fishing them? Is there a gap that the Superfine would fill nicely? Or is there a particularly unloved rod that you would be happier replacing? That might tell you the best specs for your new rod.

A note on 4 weights: I know people out West who consider a fast-action 9' 4 weight to be the most versatile rod for most of the larger Western rivers, like the Madison, Gallatin, Yellowstone, Missouri, Snake, and Henry's Fork. However, the Superfine Touch is not that kind of rod. It is designed for delicate fishing in small and/or quiet waters. That being the case, I would lean toward a 7' to 8' rod, or maybe 8' 6" at the most. The longer you go, the more you lose in balance, sensitivity, delicacy and control. The main advantages of a longer rod are farther reach and a higher backcast, but a soft action like the Superfine is not going to give you the reach that a faster rod would anyway.

You may also find the legendary former Winston rod designer Tom Morgan's thoughts on rod selection helpful: Tom Morgan Rodsmiths - Yellowstone Country Water

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