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Default Re: A Blind Pig Story

Originally Posted by littledavid123 View Post
Some of you may know that I have been searching for a softer and shorter fly rod for fishing tight quarters on small streams and had finally chose the 7' 9" 5wt Far and Fine as the rod desired.

I called Orvis with questions about the original F&F (dates of manufacture and etc.) and was fortunate enough to be transferred to their repair shop. During the conversation I asked if it was still possible they might have a blank laying around (never hurts to ask, right) and the gentleman said no but would look around and get back to me if one was found. Never thinking I would hear from him again, 2 weeks later I get a call saying they had located one in the back room of one of their shops. The price was $150 and the answer was YES.

Just got home Tuesday with the blank waiting for me, the seam was marked but I needed the measurements for proper placement of the guides so I called again. While looking up the correct guide placement they asked if I wanted Orvis to install the guides, the price was $75 and would include the reel seat if wanted. I then asked if it was possible to use the down locking reel seat and copy the original all cork grip, said they would ask if anyone in the shop could do this and would get back to me.

Well today I get a call from Orvis saying they could make the original F&F cork grip with matching down threaded reel seat plus apply the Helios spring guides, all for $75 dollars. So in a nutshell, Orvis will soon ship the last original factory made F&F for $225. I am not usually the one to stumble into such a find, but today, I am the veritable BLIND PIG.

Dammit. When they finally discontinued the F&F just a few years ago, I tried to order one through the US website and couldn't. I finally located the last one in the Orvis inventory in their Andover, UK, shop and had it shipped back to me here in the US. So I thought I had the last F&F Orvis ever sold. (At least I can still say I have the last production rod. Yours is a custom order.)

Question: the last F&F's were made with sanded, painted blanks and redesigned ferrules. Does yours have the original unsanded blanks or the later finished ones?
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