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Default Re: Trout in an aquarium.

I would caution against trout in an aquarium. They grow so fast, they will quickly outgrow an 80 gallon tank. I think the "general" rule in saltwater tanks is something like 1inch of fish/5 gallons. So, an 80 gallon tank by that rule could handle 16inches of fish.

That is still a little much because an 80 gallon tank is like 16 inches wide and barely enough for a 12in trout to turn around in.

Also, I agree with Dan about this chiller. I've heard it is best to quit fishing when the water temp gets around 66 degrees. That low of temp is kind of hard to reach in a tank and I haven't heard of any tank chillers making it down to that temp because most are designed for salt.

There are a lot of other types of fish that would be better. I just think trout are too big for an aquarium.
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