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Default Re: Already talking about the salmon run

Flies to use should include egg patterns (sucker spawn, crystal meth, glo bugs, Y2Ks, nuke eggs, etc), larger nymph patterns (stoneflys which there are patterns too numerous to list them all), streamer patterns (hair wing streamers, muddlers, clouser minnows, etc) and big intruder style patterns.

These fish will hit out of aggression, curiosity, or protection of redds. You will see a lot of different techniques out there. Some spot fish in shallow water, others swing in deeper pools, others dead drift with indicators the seams and end of pools and theres other wack jobs clubbing them and dragging them on shore. I suggest try all legal methods with a 9' - 10' single hand or switch rod.

As for leaders, I've started to use poly leaders matched with a switch rod taper line or salmon/steelhead taper fly line. I have tried them and like the versatility they offer. You can quickly adapt to different river conditions using the different sink rate tips and they do help a little with casting 2 handed. You can use the traditional mono or fluoro leaders in 0x and a little extra weight, but the use of poly leaders helps you trim down the amount of lead you're tossing around. Chuck and ducking works, but it doesn't feel or look much like fly fishing.

When you get there, stop at a fly shop and get other local patterns, flow rates, sections of the river to target, and find a good overview map of the river showing roads, parking areas, and hole names. This way when people mention places, you're not saying "Where is Ellis Cove?".

Salmon season is ok, but expect big crowds. You can walk up/down river to find some peace, but don't expect solitude. I target steelheads when I can later in the fall, but you use the time on the river to enjoy it no matter when you can make it there.

Good luck.
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