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Default Re: 7 weights....why no love?

I use a 6 weight diamondback rod for all freshwater myself. Before I got that rod I used an orvis silverlabel 5 wt.

In my opinion, casting flies oversized to your rod/line actually improves your casting technique. Over time you learn what the most effective motions and subtle techniques are to get every last measure of performance out of your rod.

I throw 1/0 and 2/0 poppers, big fluffy mice, weighted crayfish, and big streamers with my 6wt because I've gotten used to hauling them out there.

I would definitely not be opposed to a little more rod/line weight to cast even farther, but unintentional panfish are so common when fishing for bass, and an 8 weight would be like an Olympic strongman walking an angry Chihuahua. That's where I think the 7 wt is perfect for anyone looking for a good compromise between fish play and cast length.
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