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Default Re: Rod weights and Common Cents

I'll go along with it.

As a system of expression that aids in quantifying some of a rods characteristics from one angler to the next or simply to chronicle the weights and actions of ones own rods, the CCS serves a purpose. Determining a rods weight via the ERN gets us part of the way there. But if you will, it relates only what it takes to deflect its tip a specific distance. In the larger discussion of a rod. The Action Angle relates it's personality, it’s flex profile. To me, using one without the other is like having finely ground coffee beans, but no water. You can smell the aroma of the ground beans, but without water, you’ll never know exactly how they’d brew up.

Reading over the these threads, I see nearly as many questions asking about the actions of this rod or that, for many of the same reasons. For instance, someone wants to buy a new rod but has no shop nearby, or is interested in a used rod listed in the classified section or an auction and sometimes, as recently was the case with the Redington CT series rod, a lot of anglers were just Jones’n for a new toy, but wanted to know a little more about their actions. Not to mention it's usefulness in conveying from one rod builder to the next, what they might expect from an unknown blank. What’s a medium fast rod to one, might be plow mule slow to another, the CCS systems AA would’ve helped dispel some of the lofty verbiage used to describe those rods, offering some unit of measure to the discussion.

It’s not a perfect system by any means and by no means tells the whole story about a rod, but it’s better than trying to wade through volumes of colorful descriptions of a rods characteristics, including those used by the rod companies themselves.
One last thought, this system of measure is only as good as the users implementing it. As with any testing system, read and follow the originators instructions on how to conduct the test, so that we may all have accurate notes to compare.

Best, TT

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