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I like to put my waders on and take them off in camp or at the cabin. When I'm lucky someone special will offer to pull them off and hand me a drink. If I must do it at the car it's nice to have a rubber mat to stand on to keep your socks dry and clean and to protect the wader feet. A chair is great too. The booties are one of the most common and hard to fix places for leaks. If one is going to enter a flyshop or other establishment with waders on its a good idea to take off the boots or ask if its okay to where them, especially if they are studded. I like the idea of having an extra large pair of sneakers or sandals to slip on in this situation. There were many good ideas here, it's best to try a few routines and pick the one that works best... I hope I never need waders with a zipper.
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