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Default Your 2 cents on a first timers outfit

I just purchased my first fly fishing outfit. I ended up getting a TFO Pro 3wt-8"6" rod and a galvin OB-3 reel. I was thinking of using the same Galvin OB-3 reel for a future 5wt rod with another spool lined with 5wt. The OB-3 is designed for 100yrds of 4wt and 80 yrds of 5wt on this reel. Is this too much weight and or reel for this 3 wt rod? I put it on the rod and it seemed ok but from a newbie with 0 experience I'm not sure. I fish local small streams in SoCal and the Eastern Sierras float tubing. I was considering the 3wt for the local streams and the future 5 wt for the Sierras and float tubing. What say you, is one reel do-able or should I just get two different outfits?
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