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Originally Posted by hawkeyeflyfisher View Post
Good morning, hunting season is over cept for coyotes so it is back to oogling the fly fishing forum for me haha. My wife and I have cemented our decision for our late July move to Montana-Missoula it is! I am in all reality a dry fly lover, and am looking for a high quality, less than top of the line cost outfit in 4 weight. I am thinking the Lamson Konic-2 for my reel, and am trying to nail down a good rod. I am thinking something along the lines of >$200 Any suggestions? I have a 8'6" 5# that I will use for nymphing/streamers etc, and in all honest I have figured out how to present dries pretty well with it, but I just want a nice #4 that I think might be juuust enough to make a difference on some nice Montana trout The Lefty Kreh Finesse Series 8'9" 4# was looking pretty nice, although I think I would prefer a 9' or better. Thanks for the heads up!
I really like my St.Croix 4 wt. Imperial. It's not the best rod out there but for under 200 its worth a test drive. The Imperial line finished quite high in its price bracket and overall with a huge rod review that was recently carried out. Its fast action and I found it quite accurate. Seems to fish comparatively with rods in higher price brackets.
Good luck
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