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Originally Posted by noreaster View Post
I really like my St.Croix 4 wt. Imperial. It's not the best rod out there but for under 200 its worth a test drive. The Imperial line finished quite high in its price bracket and overall with a huge rod review that was recently carried out. Its fast action and I found it quite accurate. Seems to fish comparatively with rods in higher price brackets.
Good luck
The Yellowstone Angler 4 weight shootout concluded that the $220 St Croix Imperial 8' 6" 4 piece was the best value 4 weight currently on the market.

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The Redington CT was recently discontinued (they changed the name to "Tempt"). There are plenty still available at closeout prices -- you should be able to find them under $100 at the well-known online auction site and elsewhere.

At a full retail price of $198, the Orvis Clearwater is another very nice rod, and you can't beat Orvis customer service. They offer 4 weights in both 8' 6" and 9'.

But I agree with imxer that you might as well wait till you get to Missoula and see what's what once you're there. You will have plenty of opportunities to try out rods and see what you like. You may even be able to score a bargain on a significantly higher quality used rod that somebody traded in to one of the local shops.
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