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Default Re: Cold Weather Gloves

I prefer the polar fleece fingerless gloves. There is less "fuzzy fiber" on them to get caught in your reel and catch hooks like with wool gloves. Some have a "windstopper" layer in between the fleece too. If its really cold, one of those dry disposable hand-warmers on the palm or back of the hand, between the glove and skin, can add warmth. If is really, really cold, said hand warmers inside fingered fleece gloves work. If its colder than that, I'd rather tie flies, wrap rods, . . .

Remember, too that NO glove that you can actually fish with insulates when wet. No, not even neoprene (in fact, I'd argue neoprene gloves make hands colder, I've seen it too many times.) My point is, take your fleece gloves off when handling fish. They're light and compact enough to carry two or three pairs with you too so you always have a dry pair.
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