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Default Re: Atlantic salmon line help

I have been fishing for Atlantic salmon for many years, although not on the Miramichi. It's a rare and specialized circumstance when I've seen anyone use anything other than a WF. I agree with Gary and sweetandsalt that a long-belly, forward taper floater (such as the "salmon/steelhead' model that several makers offer) is what you want. Most fishing will be quartering across and down on a wet-fly swing, and the long belly helps you mend line and control the swing at longer distances. You can't really go wrong with any of the major names. When I buy a new one I usually buy whatever brand I can find on clearance.

At the moment I happen to have an SA Mastery salmon/steelhead line in a WF9 and a Mastery Expert Distance in a WF8. I use them on a Loomis IMX 8 weight rod (a relatively fast rod), and they both work fine for my purposes. It's the long belly, not the running line, that matters. It's only if you have a lot of running line out beyond the front taper that you will find your swing difficult to mend, but that will be true regardless of the brand or model. On my rod the 9 weight line is a little easier to cast and feel on a windy day, while the 8 is more fun on a calm day for long, precise casts. I have tried the BVK and find it to be a little slower rod, so if you have a long-belly line on it anyway you may not find much further benefit in overlining it too.
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