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Default Re: To sum this whole category up

Well I didnt mean to spark all this excitement. I understand that there is more to casting than you can see on a video, and I love the camaraderie and helpfulness of everyone on the forum.

My point is more that people should try YouTube first. Many of the posts here are either very basic questions that can be quickly answered by a casting instruction video (as well as the fact that these videos are very informative and provide a lot more info to beginners than just the area they seem to get stuck on) or are very specific to the point where you really need to be there in order to get a sense of what the person is doing wrong.

I apologize if anyone thought I was lashing out here. I just think a lot of people posting in this thread would benefit from visually seeing and hearing an instructor (via YouTube) before they try to explain it in text to a crowd who cant see them and put actions to their words.
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