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Originally Posted by chi flyfisher View Post
I'm not sure I understand your point. Are you saying that by looking at the first three inches of a fly rod you can conclude that it's too "flexy" in the tip and that further this is a bad thing?

No I make the flexy tip remark a lot about my own 389 LL because it is. I don't like to bash the 389 LL blank that so many people love because I love it too. Casting this rod is so delicate and precise it's awesome.

But the first three inches of my 389 is so flexy it wiggles very, very fast, uncontrollable, and out of proportion with the rest of the blank. Look at the pic and you can see it. If you don't keep a good load on the tip and let the line slack the rod tip will wiggle and weave the leader around the first few inches of the tip and fly line. It's wrapped so tightly around them you have to cut the leader off without nicking the blank or the fly line along side. It happens when a fish gives a tug and the line shoots straight back. Or you let the line get loose walking, or you stumble down a bank with the rod tip level.

I try to keep the line extra taught but it doesn't help all the time. Your fault, the fishes, or any fault you're down for thirty minutes. It would be okay if it only happened once or ten times but it's a lot more than that over twenty years. I don't fish it any more and I've been asked to sell it many times but I just can't do that knowing this. I've fished the 379 LL and it doesn't have the problem I am describing at all and you can see the difference in the action of the rod tip. I have often though about making mine a 386, I bet it would work. I have never had any other fly rod do this to me. I wish I had bought the 379 LL but at the time I thought longer was better. Now I like to fish short rods.
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