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Default Re: Top Salmon Producers?

For King salmon I have had the most luck with a large black leech. Swung with the current, the let it dangle below you and give it short strips in. They always seem to hit on the strips. I know lots of guys get them on eggs and nymphs. I fish eggs and nymphs for steelhead the most when the kings are at their peak. I have never caught a king that way. Must its just be me.

For cohos I would definitely say a stripped in streamer is the way to go. They are much more aggressive. As a bonus you may get a steelhead or Brown at the same time. For streamers I use a olive, white or black leech/bunny tail pattern, about 4 inches long. I don't think color matters a lot. They seem to hit anyone of the colors I mentioned.

As far as getting fish on the swing, stripping streamers in or drifting eggs/nymphs. I don't think one is more addictive than the other. I part company with most people at this point. I think swinging is the easiest and most boring. You don't have to concentrate as much. When a fish hits he hooks himself more often than not. You just need to be hanging on to the rod. I'd say stripping is more fun than swinging, its a more interactive fishing method. You can vary the retrieve and "work" the fly more. I'd say drifting eggs/nymphs is the hardest, more mending, requires the most concentration. Have to be on your game, when the take comes you better hit it or your chance will be gone.

I use what ever method seems to be the most productive at the time. Earlier in the year eggs/nymphs seem to work best, the streamers latter in the year. If its a slow day I'll switch around alot, different methods, different colors until something hits. I don't care if they want eggs or streamers, its all fly fishing to me, not one method is better than the others, they all have their day.
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