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Default Re: Warmwater flies.

I think people go overboard with panfish flies. In my experience, they will eat just about anything you put in front of them, regardless of what it looks like. The pumpkinseeds and bluegills around me even attack my size 1/0 frogs on the surface. They can't actually get hooked, but they give it that loud WHACK sound on the surface when they try and bite it.

I have even hooked bluegill before with bare hooks. Just put on a floating bug (like a spider or a beetle) or a small nymph/wet fly and you will do fine.

Bass are a little harder, but still not as particular as people make them out to be, especially when they are spawning. Anything that looks like it might be food can generally get some strikes. Yes some flies work better than others, but if you're on a budget or not trying to get too fancy, you really can't go wrong with any minnow or popper pattern.

If you really wanted to go simple, you could buy wooly buggers in sizes 12, 8, and 4 (olive, black, or chartreuse) and be set for the year for LMB and panfish.

At least that's my experience.
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