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Default Re: Please read this;

Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
Good call, I have been watching this aungst build regarding the brand and more notably the 'George Fly Shop'.

I will hope that rayzor & Nick read this post. I understand that when a person feels they have purchased a bum steer they may also believe it incumbent upon them to warn others so that they will avoid the same thing. However, the forum is not affiliated with the 'Better Business Bureau' of the United States of any one of the States.

For future reference; if you are unhappy with a product - seller - seller's service, or otherwise, please keep the posts regarding your problem to incidental mention of the dissatisfaction. Do not start multiple threads revolving around the same issue or complaint. If a member chooses to start multiple threads on the same subject or post to threads with the complaints and or bashing products & businesses that can not defend themselves here those members may be considered to be Spamming the forum with their personal grievances. Spammers' have their posts and threads deleted and are removed from membership here.

Thank You for cooperating with this simple request,

I think I made it pretty clear a while ago exactly what my experience was with two line manufacturers. Not "I hate these people" or "this manufacturer sucks", just my experience. My recent posts were in response to a forum member's question about one. Not everyone knows how to use Search, I think.

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