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Default Re: New Orvis Battenkill clicker

I saw them yesterday at the Orvis booth in a local show. They are elegant and priced right. The spring and pawl mechanism is a little cruder than on the old Battenkills or the Hardy Lightweight models, probably to keep the cost down, but it's better than the old Madisons. The spring posts don't seem to be as solidly riveted to the frame as in the good old days, but only time will tell if that is a technological advance or a long-term durability concern.

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Originally Posted by littledavid123 View Post
Now that is sweet, If I am understanding correctly the inertia from palming a spinning reel rotates the square to a different position thus increasing tension on the pawl. Neat idea however it works.

Didn't look that way to me on the one I was playing with. There are several positions to which you can pre-set the "square" for different levels of tension, but it looked as though once you set it, it's stuck there until you pull the spool off and change it again. Basically, the click check provides a certain level of tension, and if you need more drag you use the palming rim. (Which is all you really need for trout. Heck, Lee Wulff even used to catch 20-lb salmon that way.)
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