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Default Re: 9ft 5w rod small stream spey fly line?

So yesterday was the first day out after a 2 year layoff and things were a struggle, I'm in the middle of the stream casting up stream and my brand new yonk midge gets stuck, the stream is fast, I'm not use to it, I tried to recover it, but couldn't, 15 minute interval goes by to put a new midge on and back out casting, I didn't even have 10 cast to my new set up, time went by and my most of the casting is side arm, absolutely no over hand casting, I'm loving the action of the rod, my mind is stuck on the fly line and presentation, I start to see water patterns, I'm looking for fish rising any movement (nothing) I see areas of slow pools but its 40 ft away, I have to cast over fast water to hit the honey hole, over hand not going work, I tried roll casting but poor presentation, there's were my mind races on what style of fly line is on this new rod and reel, thanks to wt bash and diver Dan I'm going to purchase DT long belly and try spey casting some more,

So my next decision is when I go to purchase my new line so I stay with a even 5wt, underline, or over line its going to DT long belly.

Any day is a good day for fishing...
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