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Default Re: Matching Rod to Reel

Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
I have also said a seriously large number of times that what a rod weighs is being highly blown out of proportion.

Do you have either the rod or the rod now? Try it. In fact try and make the rod so out of balance you will even notice it casting and let me know what kind of monster reel it takes to do it.

If you have the rod, and don't have a giant reel, try hanging weights off the reel seat till you get it grossly out of balance. Let me know how much wieght it takes.
My current thread "Deciding on a 4 wt reel" was initiated mainly to confirm if my impression that balance (reel weight) is important. Appreciated all the feedback, but was still unsure how much impact a heavier reel would have. So just as you suggested to troutnut4, I was planning to hang a heavier reel on my rod as soon as it arrives - just to see. If shaving off fractions of an ounce is not a primary consideration, expands the options significantly.

Rookies like me appreciate blunt and direct advice.

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