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Default Re: Scoop on LL Bean Fly Rods?

Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
They had to be the 'Wicked Tough Waders', were they? I got a pair of them in the 90's and abused them until the feet wore out here in Alaska in 2011. When I contacted Bean to see if they could give me the manufacturer they said that they did not know! I pressed the issue more or less asking the rep how they could have sold the waders for years but not know where they got them. He became rather flippant with me and told me that after 15 years it was time I bought new waders.

The heck of it is that the only thing wrong with the waders was that the neoprene booties were so worn that I couldn't hold them together with patches and Aqua Seal any longer. I would buy a pair of Wicked Tough Waders tomorrow if I could get them.

Never had one of their rods but they were very nice to look at and I would imagine worked very well.
You had bad luck with a grumpy sales clerk.

I had a pair of their GoreTex Bomber waders (which I think was the successor model to the Wicked Tough) for 8 or 9 years. When those booties started leaking beyond the Aqua Seal stage, I took them in and asked if they could replace the booties. They said no, but offered me a full refund under their satisfaction guaranteed warranty. Since i had lost my sales slip long ago, they gave me the lowest sale price they had offered -- but it was within $10 so of the sale price they were currently offering on their top-of-the-line Helix model, so it was damn close to an even trade anyway.

(The Helix isn't made with GoreTex, but I can't tell the difference. They are still wicked tough even if they're not Wicked Tough.)

That's the second great experience I had with Bean's service on their waders. The first was when I was getting ready for a week-long trip to northern Quebec and found that a seam was leaking. They shipped me a new pair by overnight courier, told me to have a great trip, and said not to worry about completing the exchange until I got back. I won't buy waders from anyone else now. (If I ever need to again.)
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