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Default Re: Abel Trout or Creek?

The Abel Creek DOES NOT require screw removal to change spools it has an identical spring latch system to about 90% of the reels on the market. I have one. The Super series (not QC) does require screw removal for spool change. My take on the two reels is this. For shorter (8 1/2') and under rods the creek tends to look a bit unbalanced being a thinner high diameter reel. A Creek 2 for a 5 weight is the same diameter as a Hardy Princess for 6-7 weight. On a 9' and over rod the Creeks look great. On the smaller rod (most two's are under 8') I would go with the TR 1.

As far as Hardy I own a bunch, use to rep them and for a two weight you want a Flyweight, not a Featherweight.

As far as Orvis, the Battinkill and the BBS (while fine values) do not compare in fit or finish to an Abel or earlier English made Hardy. The CFO's might be worth considering though, especially a used English (Hardy made) one.
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