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Default Re: If you won a $2000.00 shopping card at Cabela's

I would get two outfits, a single-hand 8 wt and a spey 8/9:

Loomis NRX 9' 8wt ($835)

Lamson Litespeed 3.5x (2 @ $379 ea)

Temple Fork Deer Creek 15' 8/9wt spey ($370)

Rio Steelhead/Salmon fly line WF8F ($75)

Airflo Delta Spey fly line WF8/9F ($90)

Which is about $128 over your $2000 card value, but if you're buying two rod and reel outfits they might throw in the lines and backing for free. Or to keep it under $2000 I might swap out the Loomis NRX for the cheaper St. Croix Legend Elite ($460).

If I wanted a trout outfit rather than a spey outfit, it would probably be the TFO BVK 9' 5wt combo outfit that they sell with either a Cabela's or BVK reel. If I wanted to spend the big bucks on the trout outfit rather than the 8 weight, I would get the BVK or the Legend Elite in the 8 weight and a more expensive trout rod instead. They have several high-end brands (Winston, Sage, Loomis, St. Croix) in trout sizes and I would have trouble choosing my own favorite. I wouldn't presume to tell you what your favorite should be.

If I wanted all three outfits, I would get the Deer Creek/Litespeed/Airflo spey setup ($839 plus backing) and two 9' BVK rod/BVK reel outfits in 5 and 8 weights ($605 combined). That would leave me lots cushion for other stuff, or for a higher-end 5wt or 8wt, like a Legend Elite or a Winston GVX.

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