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Default Re: TFO Lefty Kreh Professional or Redington Classic Trout?

Bluegill I'm in the same situation here in south central pa, I just bought a Redington red fly 2 about 2 weeks ago, I'm praticing every couple of days of roll casting in my yard the rod is 9' 5w, my problem is fly line coils up on my foward cast, it looks horrible, I've tried all kinds of speeds and nothing works, my next step is to work with the fly line, I'm going to yellow breeches outfitters on sunday and hopefully work with some new fly lines, my sense is work with the rod and make the line do the work, any rod you buy needs a (mate) line to it, if you watch roll cast videos on you tube you have to think these guys just didn't pick a rod up and the hole rod and reel combo was right, adjustments are needed, there's thousands of rods out there & they're all going to vary. Hope this helps.
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