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Default the termite

before the post gets under way, I just want to thank all here for all the inspiration you give by sharing all your ties...some of the detail of different styles and patterns and materials too, is a real education...

This is a salmon/steelhead pattern using some really demure yet beautiful colors…it imitates a small shrimp or bug…when I was making some pictures of this tie, I laid it on my firewood pile , a favorite background I use…I looked down and it looked like I had termites in the firewood for a second…what better name for it! except when I laid one of the doubles down on the kitchen counter, my wife said if she didnt know better she would have rolled up a magazine and whacked it…something about a cockroach…I will take that as a compliment sort of…but I like termite better…

Click the image to open in full size.

this pattern uses what I call a "cheater wing" that works as the main wing, before final tightening down I pull down a few barbs from each of the wings to make the throat...these are to copy the legs of a shrimp...the food species this pattern imitates...this tie is inspired by a more classic fly, the "carron" a traditonal Irish salmon fly...the "termite" is a great pattern for a novice or intermediate fly tyer...

Click the image to open in full size.

this is also a good candidate for a double hook...I tied a few of these too.... this fly moves a lot on a retrieve...on the larger double I also added a small tip of another flank on the underside behind the eye to make the throat more full...

Click the image to open in full size.

here you can see the guinea hen a bit more...also the buffalo wool dubbing...

Click the image to open in full size.

depending on the feathers i grabbed from the guines skin, it wasnt clear the sahpe of the tail tip until I waxed it good...some are pointier than others...although I couldnt really tell ahead of time...

Click the image to open in full size.

I tied a few on the No.4 & No.1 doubles with a braided loop...I wanted to see what "old school" would look like...this is the one I went fishing with today...

Click the image to open in full size.

I just straightened out the steel lop to tie the braided on...making the hook just a bit longer...and allowed some more wing feather length too..I must admit, between tying the doubles, with that barb on the backside, and tying the loop too I did snip one trimming, and cut my thread more times than I want to big goal in tying is to try and make the bugs the same...and not cut the thread!...

I have some more pics on a page I made up...and for the novice and intermediate tyers i am working on an SBS too...all the best...ted

tales of a wandering monk

materials used...

No.1 Tiemco 7999 hook , upturned eye (black)

No.1 AO Feathers double w/ down eye(black)

No.4 AO Feathers double w/down eye(bronze)

(2) dyed mallard flanks , golden brown, wings

(1) guinea hen , tail

cream colored buffalo wool & rabbit fur , body dubbing (I am running low on that I mixed in some bunny rabbit)

.015 silver wire, ribbing

ted...trout bum/wandering monk
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