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Default Travel 5 Weights

I'm interested in an 8' 6" travel rod that is a 5 weight. I'm interested in one of the following...

- Orvis Frequent Flyer
- Cabelas Stowaway
- Albright A5-NS

I would like a rod that is definitely a mid-flex, not a tip-flex - something that has some feel for short casts, reach casts, etc. (I've also looked at a Redington Classic Trout 6 piece but that was a bit soft.)

Which of the above rods is mid-flex?

I know it isn't a 5 or 6 piece rod, but I have been looking at the Echo Carbon 5 weight in the 8' 6" length. What is the action on this rod like - is it a mid-flex?

Is there maybe something else I should be considering?

Thanks in advance for the insights!
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