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Default Re: Albright Products

I own several Albright EXS's and XX saltwater rods. The EXS was a good higher-end rod at a middle price point, but it has been discontinued. The current offerings are nice middle-price-point rods, although the XX's are very stiff because they were designed for throwing sinkin lines in the wind and horsing in 40 lb stripers from the surf.

The supposed "MSRP" is a deceptive sales gimmick that you shouldn't believe. THey got rid of all their retail distributors years ago and now only sell through their website, and only at deep (but hypothetical) "discounts" to their (hypothetical) MSRP. If you follow them closely, you will see that their
MSRPs bounce around to maintain the illusion that whatever price they are offering currently is a 70% or 80% "discount" from the MSRP.

If you compare their "discounted" prices to MSRP's of similar Asian imports at medium price points like Redington, TFO and Greys, they are a decent value and sometimes a modest bargain. If you compare their MSRP's to the MSRP's of other nosebleed-priced competitors, the high-end stuff from the likes of Winston, Sage, Orvis, Hardy and Loomis is much, much better quality -- and often lower priced!.

I have had good experience with their customer service, but I have seen complaints form disgruntled customers online too.
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