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Originally Posted by stuie675 View Post
OK so let me get this, you dont know if she will even like this sport/hobby, yet you are just going to go full force and do this type of stuff for her? No offense, but that to me is a bit odd. Again I'd look at going a cheaper route and make sure she likes it, I am glad you want to help TU, but seriously this is not the way to get a girl to like you if that is what you are after lol and you can always join TU later and then make it like a birthday present or something.

If she has no clue what she is doing she is not going to like that Sage unless she picks up casting very quickly.

We have been very good friends since 1967 and she has always like the idea of fly fishing since she does fish. She just never really had the time or money to enjoy life's many hobbies with work and etc. I have the money to buy her these things expecting nothing in return other than seeing a smile if she truely enjoys it.
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