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Default 9' 8-weight versus 11' 8-weight (switch)?

HI - I'll be in the market for a rod pretty soon, to be used for bass, redfish, bonefish (rarely), steelhead, etc. Basically, it'll be the only "heavy" fly combo I own and I will intend to use it for a variety of species.

I'm pretty sure I want the 8 weight power, but I am not as certain about the length. The 9' 8 weight seems a pretty standard, multi-purpose rod but I am considering the utility of a switch rod of 11' for overhead casting and/or spey casts.

Is there any wisdom to this, or should I stick to the 9 footer?

I have never done a spey cast in my life, but I think it looks fun and interesting...and possibly utilitarian in some situations.

I would venture a guess that any situation where I would be using a 9 footer I'd probably be just as capable of using an 11 footer for overhead casting....just a thought.

Also -- I may be more interested in just having more rod to mend and more rod to cast a line a bit further with an overhead cast. Any utility to just having a long, single-hand rod for these species? Why is "9-foot" the upper end of the length for single hand rods? I know with my 5 weight rods I much prefer the 9 footer to the 7-8 footers for this reason.

Thanks --
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