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Default Has Your Favorite Trout Rod Gotten Faster or Slower

Several recent threads and my own recent quest for a slower 5 wt got me to thinking about my own progression through rod actions. I started med-fast (Cabelas Stowaway), went faster (Sage DS2), went a little faster (Scott E2 then to a Winston BIIX), then to slower graphite (Winston WT), and now I'm contemplating glass. My prefernce has always been small to medium size water.

When you think about your current favorite trout rod (say 3-5 wt) and then look back at your favorite rod say 5 or 10 years ago, is your current favorite faster or slower? By favorite, I mean the rod you always want to grab first, you often choose the water you are going to fish because you want to fish that rod, and/or you "stretch" to use that rod even when it may not be the best rod for the day.

For those who started off with faster rods, have you stayed faster? For those who started off with slower rods, did you stay slow? For those who transitioned from fast to slow or slow to fast, why do you think that was? Changes in rod materials/technology, fishing/casting experience, etc.

I am not asking this question looking for rod recommendations per se (several members have been very gracious with their insights and preferences vary widely) or as any value judgement on fast vs. slow (I'm on record as saying I believe such debates are akin to blonde vs. brunette). Just wondering about other people's journey,

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