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Default Re: One Last Question, and I Promise I'll Quit...

jsquires... Like you, I tend to stand fast to the rule about "live and let live..." I don't profess to being the "be-all, end-all" Wizard of Oz-- or Odd, depending on who you talk to --nor do I feel that my opinion(s) are the final word on any subject. In fact, I enjoy a good conversation with a diversity of opinion on almost any subject, so long as it doesn't become a "pile-on" against a member of the group for having a different point of view. It's amazing how we can become so set in our ways... until presented with another approach that not only makes sense, but can be backed up by fact.

And, I agree with you about life being too short to hate... At various times in my 15-year battle with brain cancer, my appearance changed dramatically-- hair loss, weight gain, and a generally unhealthy look. Chemo and radiation treatments are evil taskmasters.

As a result of my "cancer wars," you might be surprised to know that a few of my former fishing cronies actually walked away from our lifelong friendships and never looked back. They couldn't handle my illness or how I looked, and they didn't like feeling uncomfortable around me.

At first, I was royally PO'd. But, my anger soon became sympathy, as I began to feel truly sorry for them. How sad it is when we as friends and fellow fly-wranglers can't overcome our fears or give into an inability/unwillingness to understand something like brain cancer, and choose instead to just walk away. Therein lies part of the reason as to why I've taught free winter tying classes for so many years to a small group of "my kids"-- kids battling cancer, and their folks. It's life-changing to see how big of a difference can be made in the life of a sick child via the mere wrapping of a hook, especially when taught by someone(me) who knows exactly what they endure each and every day of their lives. And, I'll continue to teach the annual classes-- along with a few friends and family members who've long since joined the effort --until I'm no longer walking the confines of this earth...

And here is where I end my sermonette for now... Jerry, aka hairwing530

As for a "tat" anytime soon? I seriously doubt it, as I've seen enough needles to last three lifetimes, just in my 15+ years of battling cancer...
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