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Default Re: What do you consider a "caught" fish?

Originally Posted by ant View Post
Up until recently, unless I had a fish in hand, I never considered it caught. But this weekend I had a number of them get to my feet and then slip the hook. Which got me thinking, does it really matter if I get my hand wet/covered in slime for the fish to count? I fought it, I played it in, and at the last second it slipped away. Which really doesn't matter when I'm just going to release it anyway.

So, what do you guys think shoudl count as a "caught" fish?
It doesn't matter to me. If one came unhooked at my feet I'd simply say I lost one at my feet. Getting it that far was accomplishment enough. Why be hung up about whether it was landed or not. Counting fish hooked and landed is like keeping score. I would have enjoyed golf a lot more if I didn't have to keep score...
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