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Default Re: Sage One #7 12-6

Drahcirb the line I'm using is the 500 gr Skagit Flight head and I ended up also buying a airflo 540 gr intermediate line. I would not necessarily say its for beginners it's all part of spey casting the issue is what type of distance are you looking at casting... (As in wide rivers) and what kind of flies te smaller flys the scandin heads will do fine. For large leeches and stuff of this sort the skagit will preform way better.

Petee I ended up gettin a Sage One 4116-4 (the #4 switch rod that is) I have not had the chance to take it out yet for trout but will soon. I also got a TCX switch in #6 and love that one to. I actually hooked a sucker fish while tryin to get into some early sprin steelhead here in Oriville, CA and thought it was a steelhead that is until I saw it on shore hahah either way it was fun bending the rod a little. Sage makes good rod plain and simple
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