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Default Re: Worst Fishing Car Ever

I liked every fishing rig I ever had. The most inconvenient was my 1980 CJ5. I had to pack every square inch perfectly just for a four day primitive fish camp. Everything I owned at the time was small. Tent, stove, everything. However that jeep was the beginning of the search for my greatest fishing rig of all time, my J20.

Originally Posted by jsquires View Post
We all have our favorite fishing vehicles, but what was your worst?
For me it was a Jeep Wagoneer. I can't remember the year (I've tried to forget everything about that vehicle), but it was one of those big Wagoneers. Honestly, I think there wasn't a part on that car that didn't break or fail in some manner. The last straw was when I was stretching the rubber deal that held the backseat up and it broke and I actually punched myself in the jaw. Nice-looking, but terrible vehicle.
What? An FSJ was your worst? Jeep stands for Just Everybody Else's Parts. Blame them. You just didn't connect with the versatility of the fsj waggy. That rubber piece off the seat could be used to repair other parts. Most people get whacked a little lower on the body by the failure of the rear hatch window crank. But the biggest whacker of them all is the six inch long hood release arm hanging down when you open the hood. That thing has sent people to the hospital. Click the image to open in full size.

Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
A 1969 Rambler American Station wagon..... what else do you need to know ?

I did take that car all over though and there wasn't an inch that didn't have a dent.
I remember one night ripping the carpet out to use as insulation when camped near Moosehead Lake, Maine
My parents had a valiant with the push button tranny and I remember the slant six in it very well. My dad had a 69 rambler american classic straight six we took across country four times. There were always a dozen rods in them at all times. Good times.

In the desert the locals rip the carpet out to use for traction, creating place names like carpet hill and rug road.
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