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Default Re: Worst Fishing Car Ever

Originally Posted by shotgunfly View Post
"stretching the rubber deal that held the backseat up and it broke and I actually punched myself in the jaw"

That'll teach you for bad mouthing an American icon! ;-)

Just kidding. I'd never own a Jeep.

I own and hate/love (more of the former now) a subaru baja. It is UGLY WEIRD but I couldn't justify getting a pickup or getting just a car so I got BOTH!

Ugh. It's held up well. But it's losing power and that short bed has gotten shorter and shorter as I've gotten more stuff and older.

Still can't justify getting a pickup. I work from home, don't drive much at all. So I'm thinking of picking up a small SUV of the German persuasion.
I wouldn't bad mouth that Baja too much. I have a 1998 Outback. That all wheel drive has gotten me through soo,,, many mucky spring island roads over the years, that she is now affectionately named Tank. Living in the country, my wife and I, believe in the one beater one better car approach. The other is a 2004 all wheel drive wagon of the Swedish persuasion. Another tank.
"Whale oil beef hooked !"- Traditional east coast fishermen saying
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