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Default Re: Leader Lengths

I am being as newbie as anyone can be, really hate to use the factory made tapered leaders because they coiled and $$$. I know that we can use that leather thingy to straighten the leader but that isn't for me.

And being the best newbie that I can be, I make the best newbie mistakes, and newbie mistakes is basically expensive. Therefore, I twisted my own leaders from 6-10lbs Mono Spiderwire 220yds ($4.99) for dry/top water and 8-10 Flurocarbon Sunline sinking leader to make lead 7.5-8 FT. I don't really follow the 60-20-20 formula. I go 2/3 butt and 1/3 body and use my Bimini twist tippet for the final tapering.
I found out that 7.5-8FT leaders suit my very well and turn any right size flies that I use in straight line. I have a BPS leader wallet filled with my own furled leaders and only bring 2 SA and 1 Orvis leader which I bought on the day I was born into this fly fishing world (which about 3 months ago).
I would dedicate a night to twist my leaders and to burn my fingers in doing so, but it would be very satisfying.

Now, the web is my teacher and I do hope someone would yell at me for my ignorance.

by the way, to me 8FT is my leader length.

Just my 2 cents.
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