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Default "Pocket Water" Sedge ...and some more caddis ties...

here are a few more pics I took of this pattern...also some similar ones I tie for caddis hatches...these pics show a little more detail...

Click the image to open in full size.

the "Pocket Water" Sedge...mallard flanks with Mule Deer fur has a buffalo wool dubbing w/ a rooster hackle spiral wrapped over the dubbed body...this pattern is a favorite for fishing its name can handle the rougher and faster stretches well that lead in to the side pockets where fish like to hang out...

Click the image to open in full size.

this is a typical Elk Hair style...but uses Mule Deer fur to imitate the darker sedge or caddis...typical in certain parts of Colorado...some of my friends like to tie this with a black hackle over the dubbing...and some just use a foam core with the hackle over that...for water that is moving faster with more suds...

Click the image to open in full size.

the same pattern as above, but with Pronghorn or Elk...also a rooster hackle tied over the buff dubbed body...I have fished this a lot on the South Platte...

Click the image to open in full size.

the "Amber Caddis"...the pattern that really attempts to imitate this bug...but not as durable as the is my "go to" for really weary fish in super still is similar to the pocketwater version...except there is no dubbing...only a piece of sealed foam...tied onto the shank, about an 1' X 1'8" x 3/8/1/2 depending on the hook size...good idea to test it out after tying one to make sure it floats like you want...all that really matters is that the foam stays concealed...the foam gets an rooster hackle spun around it...the foam is a good source for float...and is invisible the way the wings are tied on...the two antennae are moose mane quills...

this could be easily reproduced in a lighter or darker version just using a differnt dyed color mallard flank or similar...a larger hungarian partridge feather would be a perfect would a pheasant etc...lots of possibilities...

its a really easy "bug" to tie too...t

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