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Default When Did Life's "C Words" Go Out Of Style?

Can somebody please expound upon when it was, exactly, that the "C Words" of life became out of style? The words of which I speak are: craftsmanship, (and I mean hand-crafting...), common courtesy, and the fine art of common sense! Last night, I saw a prime example of someone who knew little, if anything, about the meaning or even the mere existence of the three little words that can have so great an impact. Follow...

Yesterday, a buddy of mine called to ask if he could swing by and pick up his Au Sable riverboat, as he had a guy booked for a float trip later today. When they arrived, we went out to the barn, pulled out the trailer and attached its load to my friend's trailer hitch. Looking at the "refurbished" riverboat in the sunlight, it was nothing short of incredible. He and I had put two years of hand-work into "re-claiming" the old wooden drift-boat, and it had the look of pride in craftsmanship, and we both were proud, until we heard the words, "That's it?? You expect me to fish out of that??"

For a few moments, I honestly thought that I'd be hearing teeth breaking, as my buddy's jaw tightened to the point of fracture. In the utterance of 10 words, the "sport" had violated the spirit of all of the "C words" of life.

The boat in question is older than I am, and is the epitome of man-hours spent hand-crafting every detail of the riverboat. My buddy picked it up at a yard sale for next to nothing, as it was well on its way to becoming starter for the woodstove. It needed help, and he and I were bound and determined to bring it back to life, and make it "river worthy" again. Today, the craftsmanship in its initial building is again obvious... to some of us.

And, to add insult to injury, the total lack of common courtesy in the "sport's" appraisal of the boat spoke volumes about his lack of common sense! Do some people really think that it's acceptable to speak poorly about a man's parentage, his family, his friends, his faith, his workmanship or his sense of self? When, in the name of all that is holy, did the change take place in adherring to the "C Words" rules of life? I'd really like to know...

First of all, I respect any man or woman who can still fashion by hand something good. Hand-wrought craftsmanship should be respected-- such as gt05254's workmanship --not trashed by some arbitrary comment. And, common courtesy and common sense should be "no-brainers," regardless of age, status and the like. But, apparently, some consider these rules of conduct to be "old-fashioned."

Our daughter, Jesse, is 19 and blessed with her mother's looks, my height, and a love for all things "fly." She can out-cast most anglers-- including me --and out-fish most as well. Yet, despite all of this, she was raised to respect others and to choose her words well. She, too, can see the beauty in the riverboat, a nicely-crafted rod or a well-tied fly. I may be a bit biased, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a nicer kid working the river.

So, again, I ask... when did it become fashionable/acceptable to disregard life's "C Words" and just run off at the mouth? Am I really getting that old???

Jerry, aka hairwing530
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