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Default Re: Wolly Buggers?

I use a style of woolly bugger that Lefty Kreh described in an article as the best form he has found. The basic recipe:

1. Black marabou tail
2. Wire around hook shank to add weight if you desire
3. Tie in about 6 peacock hearls where the marabou is tied in and wrap around the shank to form a nice, slightly shiny body
4. Tie in copper wire at the same spot you tied in the hearls, spiral it on top of the body to the head, tie it off
5. Tie in your thread with a jam not where you tied in the copper wire
6. Attach a black hackle and palm it over the body to the head in regular bugger fashion
7. Whip finish and your all done

I like to modify this pattern slightly by tying in some silver flashabou into the marabou, using a slightly curved shank nymph hook, and often times using a tungsten cone head.

I have had great success with this style of bugger. The peacock hearl gives it a very buggy look that catches the light in the water in a way that only peacock hearl can.
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