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Default Re: When Did Life's "C Words" Go Out Of Style?

Believe it or not, I actually have a theory about the demise of life's "C Words," and it dovetails nicely into stuie675's observations...

I believe that the beginning of the end for the aforementioned "C Words" began when a generation or two skipped over the finer points of life when the time came to pass along the mantle of knowlege, skills and certain "humanities" to the next generation. It had a "snowball effect" of sorts, and it just seemed to slip on by and continue its downhill roll.

There is truth to be found in the fact that common sense seems to be an absentee factor with some folks, which, to my feeble mind, is a sad situation, indeed. As for common courtesy? Well, that's one of those "either you extend it to others," or you don't kind of things. Few fall into step with the courtesies of life without having been brought up honoring or fully understanding them. And, extending them to others costs us nothing!! Yet, they have the potential to yield such a great return.

And, as far as the craftsmen of this world? I believe that many experience that one shining moment in their lives when they want to do something special-- or learn to do something truly unique --without the benefit of a computer or their Smart phones. Generally, it's more a "later in life" sort of thing, but at least, it does come around to those interested enough to take notice.

A craftsman is someone who can see the potential in a block of wood, a pile of feathers and hooks, or a piece of history-- the riverboat --and makes something out of nothing!! My grandfather could carve a decoy or wrap a hook with the best of 'em, and he passed on his love of making things to his first-born grandson-- me! Like many of those of his generation, he was fond of saying "If you can work with your hands, then you'll never be out of a job." Wise words from a man that I loved, respected and admired.

While "having the latest and greatest of everything" while paying the least amount of money for it has become fashionable nowadays, I'm "old-school" in my approach. I like a good bargain as much as the next guy, but I'm more than willing to pay a craftsman an honest price for an honest effort! Show me a man's pride in his works, and I'll show you something that I'd like to have.

I don't fish the "newest" rods or reels... just the ones that fulfill my needs and are made well. I also favor my current "Fish Truck" for its tank-like construction -- an old 1998 Chevy Tahoe with 4-wheel drive --and don't need to drive the newest or the latest. (Truth be known, I'd love to find an old Range Rover and another riverboat to restore.)

So, should we one day meet astream, don't be so bold as to not show me the common courtesy of respect. And, in return, I will do the same for you. After all, it's just makes good, common sense to do so, and you might be surprised at what transpires somewhere down the road...

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