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Default Re: Float tube thoughts

If you get waders for the float tube, you have to be careful what flippers you buy. If you buy boot foot waders, you must get some form of step in fins. If you buy stocking waders, you should seriously consider buying something to put over the stocking feet. The neoprene foot material will chafe against the flippers and can degrade over time. A good solution is to get an oversized pair of scuba booties. They are basically an additional pair of neoprene stockings. A much cheaper option is to just slip on a thick pair of tube socks over the wader feet. With the last two options, you will be able to use conventional flippers or non step-in flippers.

A good waterproof pack may also be a good idea. I have a Orvis Gale Force bag that is waterproof and I keep it behind the seat in my tube. Other than that, I would just make sure you have a pump and a net. I keep my net clipped to one of the D rings on my tube and let it float around in the water. You would think that its easier to land fish in the tube, and often times it is, but sometimes they like to swim around just beyond how far you can lean and if you have a longer rod it can be cumbersome to get them close enough to lip.
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