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Default Re: Reading Suggestions

I've been reading a lot of on-line "magazines." There are some terrific ones emerging, as well as some adults floating around. My most recent favorite is MontanaFlyFishingMagazine. Catch Magazine and Drake Magazine are nice too. MidCurrent is timely. I like Hatches, and some of the other fly-tying ones. There are some excellent fly tying sites with photos, step-by-steps, and articles about flies and fly tying too. Google will put you on all of these and more if you ask. These and others will also show up in your email, or on your Facebook, whenever they're updated if you tell them to. Most of these are free! Some do, or will, require a small subscription fee. The photos can be outstanding.

I haven't found them all, so hopefully others will chime in with some great free E-Mags. E-Mag, gee, that sounds kinda hip to an old guy like me. I love 'em.

Oh, and I almost forgot, but there's quite a few informative and entertaining blogs out there people have now. Not just with a million of the same old pictures (like mine), but some have really good narrative. I "follow" a few just like a magazine subscription, and again, for free!

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