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Default Re: Redington CT 6wt 9ft

Originally Posted by jastrout View Post
Not to steal thread, But where are CT rods still available ? I grabbed a 8'6" 5 at Cabelas for $75 and should have snag the long 3 wght. I am shocked at casting qualities of this Asian made rod and built is respectable . Even at $149 it was very good rod. Again any sites with available rods would be appreciate
Sorry for the late reply. they have it on sale for $99.89 and up until yesterday they had the rod swapping program. I was planning to swap my old and ugly trout casting rod worth only for $15 for the CT.

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Originally Posted by stl_geoff View Post
I have the 5wt and my buddy bought the 6wt. Its a sloooow rod compaired to all the Sage rods that I have so it took some changes in my normal casting storke but they cast well. i was hitting 45' with the 6wt no problems at all.
After toying with it, I ended up not getting it. It is to slow for me and probably I am not a good caster yet.
I don't have much false casting room where I fish, so I need a bit faster rod for the streamers I am planning to you.

Nice and beautiful rod though.
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