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Default Re: For Bonefish, Bass and surf 8wt rod

Originally Posted by pegboy1 View Post
Just pointing out that if you stay in West Palm Beach your not going to find any Bonefish.
No, but an 8 weight is still good for the snook, jacks, reds, etc. that you are more likely to see. And if you do go further afield on a bonefish expedition, it's good for that too.

I haven't fished with either the H2 or the One. I have only test cast the 8 weight H2 at a fishing show for a few minutes. I would have to say, though, that both are very high-quality, high-performance rods capable of doing everything a saltwater 8 is expected to do. Choosing one over the other is going to be purely a matter of personal preference. (It's like asking which is a better car for highway driving, a BMW or an Audi?) If you can't compare them both side-by-side before you buy, pick the brand you have more familiarity with (for me that would be the Orvis), or the one your local fly shop has the better relationship with (in case of warranty or exchange issues after the sale). If you don't have a local fly shop or a brand preference, find the one (not necessarily the One) with the cheapest price online and take your chances.

S&S is also correct to point out that a stiff flats rod is not going to be the best choice for freshwater bass bugging. (To extend the car analogy, you can get an Audi Quattro, and it may somewhat be more versatile than a BMW rear-drive, but it wouldn't necessarily be your best choice for regular off-roading.) If you are going to try to do both with only one rod, I guess I would suggest choosing a medium-fast rod rather than a very fast one. I suspect that might lean you toward the H2 over the One, but I don't really know.

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