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Being quite limited on funds(doctor bills) I found an 11 foot 5/6 on Amazon. 107 bucks. It's an unfinished blank(which I really like these) dark brown in color and dark brown wraps. The name of the company is Wild Water fly fishing...out of Ontario NY. It's moderate to moderate fast action. Sock/tube included. 4 piece. Lifetime warranty. Sooooo...I said...why not? Price is right. It throws this WFF6 weight line I have ok. But I know it can do better. Hence, the post on the Rio Switch line. As far as getting out, I'm off during mid week only(sometimes only one day). Maybe we could try Ohio tribs? Or even Elk. I got plenty of nymphs. But I'm low on sucker spawn. Estaz eggs I'm ok on.
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