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Default Re: Cortland Trout BOSS Fly Line

Originally Posted by fredaevans View Post
Just lined my Sage 7100 XP with a 7wt. A total re-learn how to cast with that long head. This is NOT a WF fly line; this is a cast at distance fly line. Lots of grains but over 65'ish feet but it will be a 'OK, this is going to take some time to get this one dialed in.'

If you're 'fishing short,' under 35 foot, take a pass. If you need to really chuck a fly a long way .... this is one to really consider.

The issue you have is the rod not the line. The Trout Boss is a true to size line. A Sage XP fishes (especially loading in close) better with an oversized line. The reason you can't feel it load in close is you have to have more of the line out to load that faster rod. They Sage XP's were cannons, but in close they needed to be over-lined to load up. A lot of the competitors lines and a few of our lines are either oversized or have short heads. Those lines perform better with an XP. I suspect the Cortland Western Drifter (1/2 size heavier ) would load that rod nicely, as would a Rio Grand or SA GPX.
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